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Poepi and the Giant.

Chapter, 1.



The Giant’s fist, smashed, the roof.

Through tiles, through wood, through dust. KA-POOF!

It stuck, in the rafters, pulling, with groan,

Splitting, beams wide, making, walls moan.

With a tug, and, a shrug, the green, shoulder, wrenched.

The green arm, flung back. The green, knuckles, clenched.

Then off, the roof flew! Way up, in the air!

Until, down, it crashed​! 
​Away far, from there.

And like, a broken shield, the crunched up roof lay,

Smashed, and shattered, at the end of days.

Now the fat, ugly head, black of tooth, eyes, shot red,

Turned down, to the castle, where huddled, in bed,

Two little girls, clung frozen, in fear.

Then in wizard robes, their parents, appeared,

Casting spell, upon spell, in a rushing, whirl,

Putting, great wards, upon each, little girl.

Magic wards, sank in, to girl’s bones, deep,

Creeping, and spreading, from cell to cell,

A protective field, awake, or asleep,

To arise, as needed, ill, or well.

Finally done, wizard parents, spun,

Around, and looked up, to the sky.

And in that face, they saw, undone,

Their lives, which flashed, before, their eyes.

With nowhere, to run, and nowhere, to hide,

They stood together, side, by side,

Searching, their magic, intellect,

Trying, their children, to protect.

The clenched fist giant, bellowed, a howl,

And looked, upon them, with, a scowl.

“You are mine! You are mine! You are mine!”

Dark voice, bellowed. Humongous, hand, over, land,

Scooped up, mom, in a single, swooping, line;

And wizard dad, cast, to sand,

Sprawled, and mad, yelled in sorrow:

“O great shadow, of my house! It may not be, tomorrow,

But on, one long, and distant day,

Our daughters grown, shall make, you pay!

Against your torrid, horrid, deeds,

Dealt upon, the lands, you bleed,

And your, endless, treasureous, thirst,

They will put, their people, first!

My Princess girls, shall be, the ones,

Who see, your treachery, undone!

This urgent, curse, I cast, upon you!

And your every, servant, too!”

But the Giant, only laughed. Raised, his foot,

Down it crashed! And little girls, winced, as it missed.

When again, foot, up legged. “Hold your boot!”

Wizard begged. “I give up!” he madly, sadly, hissed.

Hatted head, low, and ruffed, to his wife, up, he puffed,

And on, their wrists, clapped magic, golden, cuffs.

Lightning, then crackled, and seared, the heavens,

And struck, hot, the castle, and shattered, the walls.

Red rain, spackled, cold, upon the ruins,

But, the princess girls, did not, fall.

Safe, in a glowing, blue bubble, of magic,

Their bed, floated high, above, the carnage.

Now put, asleep, to be spared, the tragic,

Fate, of their parents, and the giant’s, rage,

The bubble held, wherever, he grabbed it,

Blasting, him backward, with sparks, in his face.

Again, and again, and again, he hit,

And each time, the ward, put him, in his place,

Frustrated hands, all but crushing, the parents,

He stormed off the lands, and spurned, their laments.

“Silly, So Silly, Willy, So Nilly!”

The Giant, at his captives, scolded.

Wagging, a fat, green finger, brilly,

Coldly, he chided, as wizards, folded:

“I do not, care, what your curse, says!

I do not care, what your curse, says!

When wizards, and Kings, make promises,

They are bound, to keep their word!

Do not pretend, you have not heard!

A deal, was struck! My gold, you took!

And I, shan’t let you, run, amuck,

To brag, of how, you fooled, the giant!

You made, a choice, with your, full senses,

Now, you face, the consequences!

If you do not, wish to die,

Wizards, serve me, undefied!

Serve my will, or, I proffer,

Dire, shall, your kingdom, suffer!”

With heads bowed, both parents, nodded.

For they knew, the gold, he lauded.

His promised offer, both, had taken,

And neither one, had been, mistaken.

Both weary wizards, had watered, eyes,

As the giant, held them, high.

And looking, down, upon, their daughters,

Growing, farther, becoming, smaller,

Amid the carnage, and, the slaughter,

One wiped, the other’s, teary cheek,

And wept, at all, they’d sown, to reap.

Then, the look, they passed, between,

Each other, showed, what thoughts, convened,

In both, their minds, stained, and wet,

Of deep held, sorrow, and, regret.

Regret, that they, would not, be here,

To see their daughters, grown, revered.

They greatly feared, the path, now made,

For their daughters, would be, laid,

With poverty, and dark ills, met,

As penance, for, their parents, debt.

They wished, the giant, to get, flown,

And leave, their precious girls, alone.

But Giant, stopped short, in his, track.

He turned. He looked. He started, back.

And when, horizon, marked, the spot,

Where castle burned, again, he stopped.

Over plumes, of smoking, spires,

Bubble, risen, outshone, fires.

Blazing, brightest, light of blue,

Squinting, Giant, saw it, too.

“Just you wait!” He screamed, inside.

“I will send, someone, for you!”

He shook, then hard, wizards, in hand,

And breathed, upon them, his breath, bland.

In his mind, the wheels, caught,

Upon, a sudden, spinning, thought.

“A daughter, of yours, will make, me pay?

Perhaps one day, but not, today!

More likely, it shall, come to be,

That both, your children, will serve me!

For it, takes courage, you wizard, scoffers,

To turn away, from what, I offer!

Will they fully, come, to flower,

And learn, the costly price, of power?

We, will see! We, will see!

Just how, Princess-like, they’ll be!”

Then great, gold helmet, on, his head,

Shimmered, black, and blue, and red.

It hummed. It blurred. It gave, a jolt,

And volleyed, jagged, lightning, bolts.

Glowing green, they shot, up high,

And fell, in waves, scraping, sky.

On magic ward, hard hit, each bolt,

Snapping, and crackling, along, the blue,

‘Til ward, lit up, and outwardly, grew.

Pounding, pounding, bright, reflection,

Each bolt, carried, strange infection,

And though, none pierced, the bubble, through,

To greedy green, it changed, from blue.

In altered magic, peaceful girls, waken.

Looking in fear, for their parents, taken,

Running wild eyes, around, castle grounds,

Seeking, in vain, but receiving, no sound.

Poepilandia, the oldest, quietly, sighs,

While little, Perlameen, lays quiet, and still. 

And both, imagine, their mom and dad, dies,

Not knowing, the giant’s, scheming, will.

Each, little girl, sobs fear, as they wait,

Seeing ahead, not life, nor fate.