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Chapter 11


The brown brushed mane felt soft as felt,

And muscled flanks, built smooth as silt,

While Poepi’s hands ran end to end,

Rubbing Blink, her horse and friend.

All grooming done, she scratched his neck,

And gave his nose a pat and peck.

“It’s up to us now” she said to Blink,

Who nodded back, so you would think,

Blink understood her every word,

And acted on the chat he heard.

Lifting his head, to nuzzle her chest,

He stamped and champed and snorted his best.

Poepi hugged him, her sad head pressed

Against Blink’s side, in tender rest.

Minutes and minutes, an hour fold,

Poepi and Blink held their hug and hold.

Both remembered, past adventures,

Fond engendered, fair and tenured.

Hide and seeking, throughout the forest,

Lying sprawled in grass to rest,

And once when Poepi almost drowned,

Too long swimming round Lake Round,

Boldly Blink, plunged to the brink,

Rescuing Poepi, with a neigh and a wink.

The thought still made Poepilandia wince,

And she had loved Blink ever since.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Went the stable door,

Bringing them back from before.

As pulling barn door opened wide,

Warm rain poured in droves outside.

Second by second, water drops pelted,

Drifts and boughs, till all snow melted.

“Spring it is!” the Blacksmith shouted,

Upon his horse, full packed and mounted.

And reigned behind him, two mules toted,

Braying, braying, side bags loaded.

“Poepilandia, mount up Blink,

I’ve stowed your clothes, and food and drink.

Now that the snow has disappeared,

We’re packed up ready, and fully geared,

To chase the Giant’s jaded jailer,

And bring back home your kidnapped sister.”

Blacksmith gestured quick to ground.

When Poepi looked there, Poepi found,

The melting snow that washed away,

Revealed a road of dirt and clay.

Its rocks and roots and mud and pebbles,

Lead away to giant troubles.

Then fast from cottage, flew her pixie,

Landing on her shoulder, easy,

While faerie Queen, in slow took pause,

Sent in to join the entourage,

Two elfish faerie guards that knew,

Poepi since before she grew,

Into the woman now nineteen,

Who’d swore to rescue Perlameen,

And held an anger long repressed,

Of a princess seeking redress.

Poepi and Blink then joined the smith,

And so her quest began forthwith.