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Chapter 24

Break Out

They all sat up, quick as lightning,

Into shadows deeply sighting,

Until all three could clearly see,

Two shapes in the roadside trees.

Into the fire’s dying light,

They stepped forward from the night,

And as soon as shapes emerged,

To prison wagons they converged.

One was tall the other slight,

Both were clothed so no one’s sight,

Could identify their faces,

Or see their quick and clean sneaked paces.

Round the cages both they went,

Stopping where each cage lock bent.

Blacksmith missed what happened then,

But heard the cage lock clicking when,

its metal door, with quiet creak,

swung wide open, with a squeak.

The shapes moved off to Birch and Willow,

And broke their locks and freed each fellow.

That was when Persephony stirred,

She rolled over and coughed a word.

“Agapi” was the sound she said,

Making smith sad bow his head.

He walked to her and squatted down,

And looked at her with painful frown,

“Keep your heart sleeping well”

He whispered casting tender spell.

He said some more and watched her there,

Breathing smooth and peaceful air.

He stroked her hair and kissed her lip,

Then bent down strong and picked her up.

And with a tear and growing rage,

He put Persephony in his cage.

Then all the doors, just as quiet,

He shut tight, and fearing riot,

Fled all five back to the forest,

Fast of foot, their time the poorest.

They ran adjacent to the road,

Past all the other wagon loads,

Until they reached the bridge and stopped,

And found its gate shut up and locked.