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Chapter 25


Again the tall one touched the lock,

There came a click, there came a pop,

And then bridge gate swung open too,

So all five heads could run right through.

At the bridge’s other end,

It would have happened once again,

Except that guarding well that gate,

Two humrecs did perambulate.

Bigger than srellik, goblins or trolls.

They both collected giant’s tolls,

Charged for crossing over the bridge,

One named Mudge, the other Midge.

And with their sight, they both saw each,

Of the five, come near their reach.

“I say, hey there!” yelled Mudge and Midge

“You cannot pass across the bridge!

How did you make it past the gate?

Stop right there, and bloody wait!”

But the five, fearing harm,

While Mudge and Midge raised loud alarm,

Went straight back to first bridge gate,

And would have made a safe escape,

Except that when they reached the lock,

The tall one’s magic touch was blocked.

Ten more humrecs came around,

Lumbering, shouting “you stand down!”

As well as other hapless choices,

In their gruff and scratchy voices.

The five all fell, into a fuddle,

And clamored to the bridge’s middle,

With sun appearing at that moment,

Lighting up each whitecap foament,

Raging in rapids, wild below,

And wagons woke, and wished to know,

Answers to the common question,

“What is all this loud commotion?”

Persephony’s henchmen stood there too,

Goblins pointing voo and doo,

As the Humrec numbers swelled,

Teeth tight gritted, breath bad smelled,

Like unwashed feet washed down with mint.

And in their eyes shone up a glint,

Of great ravaged cornering cats,

Staring where five rabbits sat.

All five looked out, over bridge,

At the waters, and at Midge,

Who stood there glaring angry stares,

Thinking that his prey was snared.

But then his thoughts became a wreck,

As their feet all left the deck,

Jumping to the stone bridge ledge,

Together, leaping, off the edge.

Into the roaring river they plunged,

Instantly cold, their breaths expunged,

Willow and Birch holding the two,

Rescuers, within and through,

The dips and dives of rocky rapids,

And drench, and chokes, of foamy splashes,

As everyone was swept downstream,

Away from maddened humrec screams.

No longer asleep, Persephony woke,

With groggy head, her skull felt broke,

And realizing where she was,

Locked in his cage, hearing the buzz,

Of many people gossiping,

While her guards did not a thing.

And far away, down river’s sway,

The blacksmith heard her scream and spray,

Upon his name a curdling curse,

And water’s cold, could not feel worse.

Her shouts were heard until at last,

The river off a ledge shot past,

And down cascaded like a squall,

Becoming now, a waterfall.

Down the falls the five full fell,

With many a tumbling, gurgling yell.