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Chapter 29


“Girloi! Girloi!” the sea crew shouted,

Hands in the air, as if they doubted,

The serpents above their shaking knees,

Were really attacking on the seas.

“Giant’s serpents!” the captain screamed,

And as his face, drained white, he seemed,

Resolved to face the consequence,

Of some sin without defense.

“What do they want?” said Poepi, landed,

Upon the deck hands, tossed and stranded,

As they tried to throw their cargo,

Into the ocean, so ship would go,

Faster and lighter through the water,

As the wind and wave sprays caught her.

“The fish!” they cried “They want our fish!”

And if the tempest had its wish,

The ship would break, from fish crew’s care,

For the Girloi, roaring to scare,

Each took turns ramming the hull,

At broadest point, where fish were full.

But then some monsters, one and  two,

Spotted Poepi, as if they knew,

Who she was, and what she had,

And wailed at her together mad.

Tall long necks towered up high,

While hooded heads, and cobra eyes,

Shone like fire in a biting gale.

Beside the boat, taller than sails.

One scaled serpent readied to strike,

Sharp fanged teeth, long and spiked,

At Poepilandia, with gaping bite.

Blacksmith saw its keen advances,

But had spent all of his chances,

Saving masts from shatter-breaking,

While both elves stood busy making,

Bow shots at Girloi below,

To save the hull from bashing blows.

Then serpent struck with snaky speed,

To attain its monstrous deed,

With hooded head spread open wide,

Striking down from starboard side,

Its giant maw a concave bowl,

That swallowed Poepilandia whole!

For smith and elves, time stopped on deck,

Unable on the poop to check,

This tragic loss before their eyes.

Monstrously mean and larger in size,

Serpents once more reared up high,

Blacksmith clawing at the skies,

Frantic as he visualized,

His Poepi meeting her demise.

Smith looked up, as if to jump,

And leapt to rails, with boots, ka-thump!

But Birch and Willow held him back,

And threw him down upon his back.

He would have jumped on serpent's nape,

And tried to make it gurgitate,

But he could only watch, irate,

Because his timing was too late.

Then all the massive monsters, glowered,

Above the ship, wild wailing towers,

And sunk all five below the wet,

Departing him to his regret.

Waters roiled, and ocean foamed,

Leaving Smith, and crew, alone.