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Chapter 30

Spreading Ripple

In the rain, and out of sorts,

The fishing boat sailed into port.

Its hull was full, and sales were great,

But no crew felt to celebrate.

The people on the docs had seen,

In the distance, peering keen,

The last attacks of the Girloi,

And were amazed, and yelled “ahoy!”

When they saw the ship escape.

They packed the docs, in coats and capes,

And listened to the sailor tales,

Of how through rain and biting gales,

They beat the Girloi back all bold,

Courageously to save their hold.

The sailors also told a story,

Of a princess, seeking glory,

Who took ship’s passage with four friends,

Not lazing down but one with them,

And who had vowed to kill the giant.

Confident, regal, self reliant.

They said that when the Girloi came,

She fought the monsters without shame,

And let them take her undersea,

So ship and crew could escape free.

But the most remembered part,

Of the sailor’s telling art,

Was that her friends were really wards,

A general and three soldier guards!

“They have vowed” one sailor said,

Retelling story friend to friend,

“To raise an army through all lands,

That suffer from the giant’s hands.

Their force will make a grand assault,

And siege the giant’s Island vault,

Avenging then the brave princess,

And the giant’s wrongs redress!

Any town with inclination,

Should send forth quick, a delegation,

To join the grieving general’s spree,

And march for her to victory!”

Thus story spread, land to land,

That soon a war would be at hand.