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Chapter 32


In the water, off the beach,

A quiet watcher, out of reach,

Observed the coming of Girloi,

And Poepi spat up, sand deployed.

She also saw the standing soldiers,

As the sisters, hugging shoulders,

In carriage drove off to the woods,

While the soldiers, that had stood,

Behind it then, now took the lead,

Marching fast to meet their need.

Then, swimming fast in swishing sweeps,

The scouting mermaid dove down deep,

Her tail up high against the sky,

Sea sprayed scales, shining bry,

And slipped below the waterline,

To disappear, no trace behind.

Down to bottom, through a reef,

Past the island’s drop off steep,

The mer-scout swam, and closely looked,

Where waters warmed, and became cooked,

As steamy, streamy, stewey sludge,

And filthy, dirty, seweym cludge,

Blorted out a submersed drain,

Into the ocean, where it stained,

The sea floor and its purity,

To mermaid’s chagrined enmity.

Looking closer, at the blasts,

And moving cautious, round and past,

She memorized the spewing blorts,

Swimming off with her reports,

Of events that had been sown,

Leaving Poepi on her own.