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Chapter 40

Unexpected Find

Poepi pulled and pulled some more,

Widening the gapping door,

Until it opened far enough,

For her to peer through, tight and rough.

Out of the crack, golden and slight,

Came rays of joyful, sparkling light,

Which were far too bright to see,

What their glowing source could be.

But as Poepi stepped aside,

Her mouth open, her eyes wide,

Trails of light and sound appeared,

Whizzing loudly by her ears,

And ziggy-zooming super fast,

Into the chamber, quickly past,

Poepi’s head, in flitting ease,

And upward high, in happy weaves.

Circling, Circleing, with delight,

Lighting up the chamber bright,

It stopped at Poepi’s shock-stunned face,

So Poepi’s hands, cupped in their lace,

Went to her mouth, and cheeks, and nose.

In disbelief, uncomposed.

Floating there before her head,

Was her Snowdrop, long thought dead,

Who slammed rejoicing to her cheek,

Hugging hard, arms wide and feet,

And round and round the pixie zipped,

Her sparkling trail, winding and whipped,

Encircling Poepi in glitty thread,

Crying joy ‘til eyes were red.

But Pixie’s trail then changed its hue,

From bright gold yellow, to white-ish blue,

And her eyes conveyed alarm,

While she beckoned with her arms.

Back to the door crack, quick she flew,

As Poepi shoved and slipped right through,

And followed close, and found herself,

In a hallway lined with shelves,

Capped with ceilings vaulted tall,

Which Poepi hardly saw at all,

Following the Pixie fairy,

Running hard until the airy,

Freshness slow began to dank,

And took her down to where it stank.

Down and down and down they went,

Pixie and Poepi in descent,

Sneaking past doors, candle lit,

Where Reywal soldiers kept their sit,

Talking shortly, laughing hard,

Breaking briefly from their guards.

Pixie and Poepi onward went,

Fearful of who might advent,

Upon them as they kept on moving,

With Poepi’s curiosity growing.

Finally they neared a door,

Ending a long corridor,

Of heavy wood with bolts and bars,

Solid shut and not ajar.

Straight through the bars Snowdrop went,

And waved for Poepi quick to ascent,

As if she too could go right through,

Which of course she could not do.

Carefully peering past the bars,

The place seemed darker than the chars,

Of blackened toast, burned to a crisp,

And Poepi also smelled, a wisp,

Of sweat and blood and hurtful pain,

As if inside there was a drain,

Down which went all thoughts of hope,

Or cleanliness, or spiritual soap.

Her head snapped back at an angle,

From the odor, and her bangle,

Inadvertently touched the door,

Where upon it swung ajar!

Poepi looked upon the bangle,

Her smiling eyes, kissing its angle,

As if it was a long time friend,

That she was glad to see again.

Squeaking quietly and slow,

Calling Poepi in to go.

Quietly Poepi crept inside,

Pixie at her chest to hide,

The bright light of her trailing glow,

But still enough to see and go,

As Poepi’s eyes peered forth and back

About the dungeon in pitch black.

Along the walls she went and saw,

That they were cells, not walls at all,

With each door right next to next,

Deliberately, with no pretext.

In each cell by Pixie light,

Poepi saw the undelight,

Of the poor unfortunate souls,

Who hung chained, and pained unwhole.

There were dwarves and trolls and women,

Wretched gaunt, and horrible thin,

Chained up tall, no clothes at all,

Above the floor, a ten foot fall,

With buckets for bathrooms and hanging chins,

Condemned here for their Giant sins.

None looked up as she looked in,

Barely visible in the din,

And pixie flew right past them all,

Leading Poepi stall by stall,

To a door, on opposite wall,

Narrow in width, and not too tall.

Through those bars, to her shock

Was locked up Gar Kamal Kamock.