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Chapter 41


Gar was lying on a cot,

Better than most, not thin or gaunt,

He did not look like he’d been beat,

He had his clothes, and food to eat,

Which was placed beside his bed.

When Poepi came, he raised his head,

And eyes once dark, and bled, and dead,

Surveyed her over, and sudden spark,

Grew within them, there in the dark.

As in a daze, he stood upright,

And then a step, and then delight,

Covered his face, and he raced,

Across the floor; his fastest pace.

At door in desperandia,

He called out softly “Poepilandia?”

Through barred window pressed his face,

Surprised and worried, breath fast paced,

Poepi neared, and felt it too,

Her heart beat madly, as the hue,

Of Pixie trail, raced to and fro,

Setting walls and floors aglow.

Reaching out to touch Gar’s hands,

She gazed his eyes, and with a grand,

Look of awestruck glad expression,

Leaned far forward, with intention,

Of a kiss they never shared,

Ignoring worry or other care,

Of what transpired around them there,

Locked, in longing, lovesick, stare.

But as their lips were just to kiss,

Between the bars in youthful bliss,

Peopi’s Bangle kissed the door too,

And with a “click”, before she knew,

The dungeon door, swung widely back,

With strongest force, and a “whack!”

That knocked down Gar Kamal Kamock,

Flat on his back, reeling shock.

Peopi and pixie rushed to him,

And felt his body, lean and thin,

fearing a fracture from the fall.

But then he rose, not hurt at all,

Shooing the pixie’s worried flailing,

Nor further moment hesitating,

To bear crush Poepi in a hug,

Pressing their faces, mug to mug.