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Chapter 46

Return To Light

Up the stairs they ran and scurried,

Careless of their steps, and worried,

That guards would come and find them out,

And chase them hard, and scream and shout,

And try their flight to interrupt.

But no shouts came, so they went up,

And up and up and up and up,

And up and up and up and up,

Until Gar found a corridor,

That Poepi had not seen before,

In which a breeze of brisky air,

Smelled bright and fresh, and almost fair.

As they approached the other end,

A light upon them did descend,

A light not made by anyone,

The welcome life light of the sun!

Through the exit, showing clear,

Were, trees and birds, and grass and deer.

Poepi, Gar, and trailing Pixie,

Running, Running, fast and free,

Quickly fled out of the dungeon,

To a lovely beautiful garden!

Hard bent over, and hands on knees,

Poepi panted gratefully,

At butterflies and at the trees,

Breathing deep the scented breeze,

And for just a moment traced,

Her longing eyes upon the place.

Never had she seen so much,

Colored growth, so large, so lush.

And as she looked around some more,

She smelled a smell she had before.

Gar tugged her hand, “We must flee!”

He tugged again. “Come quick with me!’

They ran as fast, as fast is willing,

While Gar led her to a building,

And the pixie, trail bright glowing,

Flew ahead, as if full knowing,

Exactly where the three were going,

Happy twinkle-big smile showing.

She led across the lovely garden,

Over flagstones, polish-hardened.

Until a building paused their courses,

And found a manger, full of horses!

Gar Immediately, searched its shed,

Collecting saddles, and blanket beds,

He pulled up bridle reigns and bags,

And wrapped some apple oats in rags,

And when his arms and hands were done,

He poked his Poepi, as if fun,

Were coming based on what he knew,

Anticipating what she’d do.

“We need to saddle two horse friends,

Check the last stall on the end.”

He said it with a funny look.

And a smile that quickly took,

Poepilandia’s breath away.

She ran down to the last stall bay,

And went all pink, too scared to think.

For there inside was her own Blink!

Poepi’s vision leed and yawed,

At disbelief at what she saw,

One hand holding onto slats,

Both eyes peering through the cracks,

To see her dear friend standing there,

All well groomed and fed with care,

Happy, healthy, and full of life,

Eating oats, and free of strife.

Beyond hope, it felt too kind,

To have this vision fill her mind,

But there he stood, tall and right,

Coat a thick and stealthy white,

And when Blink saw her in the light,

He whinnied loud, his delight.

Through the stall door he advanced,

With swish of tail and a prance,

Bumping Poepi with his shoulders,

So that his love quite bowled her over.

As she lay there on the floor,

He nuzzled her like times before,

When they were both back at home,

Just him and her out on a roam.

Poepi laughed as she had not,

Since the last hot summer trot,

They had taken on a day,

Long ago, skirts swirled away.

Rasing close up both her arms

She hugged his head, close and warm.

And looking deep into his eyes,

Welled within she did surmise,

Not a jot of hate or blame,

As if he loved her still the same.

But then she caught a nervous scent:

Something changed, something rent.

‘How can this be?” Poepi said,

“I saw Blink flee…I heard him dead!”

And in her mind the horrible scene,

Replayed blinks flight and dying scream.

“From the snow giants” Gar slow said,

“I escaped and quick back fled,

To find you and your three companions.

I came so close but then was strained,

To be attacked by wolves again!

Vicious and hungry and lost of love,

With no help from high above,

I would have fallen and soon perished,

If your horse friend, here so cherished,

Had not bolt and bit right through,

My grim attackers, freeing me too.

Grabbing his mane, I jumped on his back

While Snowdrop led the counter attack.

The cost of my rescue you see on his flank,

For as I mounted, a wolf, that stank,

Left the furry, angry, mesh,

And sunk its fangs, into Blinks flesh.

But then with wolves fast falling back,

The snow giants found me, and attached,

scooping us in frozen foam,

And carried us here, near their home,

Close to giant’s island mountains,

To face the judgment of his dungeons.”

Just then outside, there came a clutter,

Of Reywal, Humrec and Srellik brothers,

Rushing through the garden paths,

Its picket whites, its winding swaths,

And down the dungeon corridor,

Where Poepi had emerged before.

Gar and Poepi watched them go,

From a window, keeping low,

Thanking luck that soldier’s stare,

Did not chance to see them there.

They knew that once the beasts were found,

Guards search would turn to garden grounds.

“We must go!” Gar out-blurted,

And Blink nodded, as if spurted,

Rearing up and shaking mane,

Whinnying in horse refrain.

He gave a stamp and breathed a champ,

Nudging Poepi, standing damp,

In the stall with wet strewn hay,

Tongue still bit with naught to say.

They saddled him, and led him out,

With a mare, amid the shout,

Of soldiers cursing and irate,

While they snuck, and sneaked, and snate,

Behind the blind, of tall fig trees,

Crouching low and bending knees.

Then they passed the entrance gates,

Exiting the garden’s grace,

And quickly climbing horses’ backs,

Kicked their heels, not looking back.