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Chapter 47

Surprise Attack!

The old port city was sunny and bright,

And showed the war ships’ armored might, 

Of Smith and MerQueen’s gathered army,

With weather positively balmy.

The leaders moved along the docks,

Mer Queen swimming as they talked,

Planning how to best attack,

The giant’s island front and back.

And as they passed, soldiers saluted,

And as they talked, their minds computed,

How many soldiers it would take,

To Giant’s Island overtake.

Although they had not been to see it,

They imagined the people in it,

Were full of hapless slaves berated,

Longing to be liberated.

“They will praise us in the streets!”

Smith to MerQueen smiling speaked.

“And then we’ll stop the grim pollution,

Of their waste into our ocean!”

Both of them felt confident,

That their cause was one just sent,

And all the soldiers that supported,

Making war with weapons sported,

Thought the same, since having spent,

Time under Giant’s government,

And saw their lands, and pristine places,

Exploited by the Giant’s graces.

And happily the soldiers laughed,

As the Smith and MerQueen passed.

But unseen in the hugs and laughter,

The ocean air began to schmatter,

As the air breeze slightly stirred,

And lifted up the port seabirds.

Which Soared and dove, in flying spins,

Playing wind games over fins,

And below them, running short,

Children flew kites, for fun and sport.

Lining the boardwalk, dockside walkers,

Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers,

Watched the kite fights in the wind,

Letting their stights, to height ascend.
​But then the winds grew lashed and brill,

So ocean waters auspiced ill.

For in the deepest point of port,

Waters rose, in waves and blorts,

That over-flowed from being displaced,

As above them, air and space,

Shimmered, and shone and coalesced,

From nothingness, to fully dressed,

Towering Giant, looking bad,

Scanning ships, eyes red, mouth mad!

“Where is Bar Kamal Kamock?!”

The giant bellowed, and the docks,

Like a breeze, en mass all fled,

With screams, and shouts, and cries, and dreads.

Then fists a bashing, teeth a gnashing,

The Giant started, ships a-smashing.