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Chapter 50

Last Breaths

Poepi and Gar pulled up blink,

Shocked eyes open, wide, to their brink,

Watching waves, wild in ocean,

Crashing water, in ramming motion.

The earth shook sudden, and hard, and jolting,

And tore down trees, cracking and bolting,

Until the soil, sunk straight down,

As the quartet turned right round,

And fled the water’s gushing roar,

Back to city spires, once more.

A desperate Poepi, clung to Gar,

And Snowdrop too, and breathing hard.

“Perla!” Poepi yelled to sky,

“Perla I’m coming! Hold on! Don’t die!”

“To castle, we must go, and find her!

I will not lose again, my sister!”

And with a smack, on blink’s broad back,

They charged ahead of flood’s attack.

But as blink galloped, to challenge the slope,

The washing waves, drowned their hope,

For the water, kept on rushing,

Fast behind them, chasing, pushing,

Pounding its hammers, until the ground shook,

And soon all four, were overtook.

It swept them onward, to the city,

Pain and chaos, without pity,

Passing by the castle gates,

Waters pressing, with crushing weights.

“I must find Perla!” Poepi cried,

And gripped the gates, to climb inside,

While her friends, were swept away,

Screaming, screaming, wild dismay,

With outstretched fingers, distancing,

As the current, a living thing,

Ripped man, and pixie, and horse asunder,

And sucked their bodies swiftly under.

Face now hard, stone and sober,

Poepi scaled the gates, and over.

Once inside, amid the mess,

The rising water swirled much less,

And in debris, that whirled about,

“Perla!” Poepi gave a shout.

Without a doubt, she knew this place,

It was the spot, the very space,

Of castle Bar Kamal Kamock.

And it struck her, with a shock,

That Perlameen, now likely lied,

Somewhere near, trapped inside.

“Perla! Perla!” she hollered scared,

Racing waters, up the stairs,

Searching every room, and lurch,

The ballrooms, pantries, and the church,

But sign of life, none did she find,

Only the perished, as flooding climbed.

The same repeated on each floor,

Until remained, just one room more.

And at its door, and at its lock,

She did not wait, she did not knock,

But put her hand, upon the handle,

Where touched, the bloody, magic bangle,

And pushed with all her strength and might,

Panting hard, in frit and fright.

The door was heavy, the seal was tight,

But slow it swung, and inward light,

Kissed Poepi’s hair, and eyes, and nose,

Until she saw inside, and froze.

For on the floor, collapsed in woe,

Mourning and sobbing, quiet and slow,

Perla’s body laid to rest,

Sadly strewn atop Bar’s chest.

Still clinging him, she looked up slow,

Red eyes running, sick, with sorrow.

“He’s dead Poepilandia! He’s dead! He’s dead!

I don’t want to live, my life I dread!”

And tears raced rivers, from her eyes,

Staining grief, at death’s surprise.

“His Brother! The other Kamal Kamock!

He did this to him! Upon a rock!”

She cried and cried, while anger ran,

Through her body, vengeance fanned.

“Nobody knows, or understands!

How much, I truly, loved this man!”

Poepi stumbled in to speak,

Touching Perla on her cheek,

“I listen Perla, and have heard,

Every sad and sorry word.

From my heart, I truly say,

I wish it had not been this way.”

Then knowing not what else to do,

She hugged her sister, crouching too.

“I will never let you go”

Poepi whispered, as undertow,

Gripped their knees, and higher rose,

In its noxious overflows,

So that soon, they would be drowned,

And the island, sunk all down.

Both women thought, this was the end,

Dying here, as sister-friends,

When suddenly, a handsome face,

Appeared below the transom space,

Rushing wild, through washing doorway,

Eyes a-darting, wild with dismay,

And following two golden trails,

Of pixie dust that sparked and swailed,

Around the room, above the waters,

Strait to Perla and Poepi’s shoulders.

And Poepi’s heart, jumped by five,

Seeing her Gar, alert, and alive,

But Perla’s visage, went pale white,

Becoming a horrible, terrible sight.

It spewed out green, an evil glow,

With every malice, one could know.

And then her hands, which by Bar’s dower,

Had been given, his transferred power,

Lit and crackled, with little jolts,

Of mini-sizzling lightning bolts.

These remnants dark, of giant’s magic,

Hateful, spiteful, doomed and tragic,

In Perla’s palms, tight coalesced,

As Gar rushed forward, arms out stretched.

And that was when he saw his brother,

Broken and bent, bashed and bludgered,

And dropped his arms, and eyes, and face,

And stopped his rush, and stood in place,

And put both hands, upon his mouth,

And drew breath in, and blew breath out,

With a shudder, and a stammer,

That was a bellows, and a hammer.

And both the pixies flitted fear,

As a glowing magic spear.

In Perla’s hands, formed out of air,

Pulsing vengeance, and despair.

Perlameen snarled, her body possessed,

By gripping grief, animal-esque,

Unstoppable fate, soon to be sown,

Flaming magic, black, and be-stown.

She hefted the crackling, deathic, spear,

And threw it straight, and hard, and clear,

Across the room, with purposed will,

In thrust of anger, at Gar to kill.

The pixies screamed, and then careened,

Between, both Poepi, and Perlameen,

As the spear’s swift slicing slit,

Slashed their cheeks, before it smit,

Into Gar’s chest, with loudest thud,

Unkindest cut, spraying blood.

Thrown from his boots, and falling down,

Under the waters, he went to drown,

Fluids of life, draining through,

A gaping, pulsing, terminal, wound.

And water torrents rose up, bolder, 

Amid their currents, stronger, colder,

With the dead and dying brothers,

Fallen now, on top each other.

Poepi watched the bodies rise,

Reflected in her glassy eyes,

Too stunned to move, or speak or show,

Her feelings now, she watched them go,

Over the balcony, to and fro,

‘til under the surface, they sank below.

Finding the urgent strength to move,

She fought the current, as if to prove,

That if she could just grasp Gar tight,

Her love, would bring him, back to life.

But as she searched, and felt, and dove,

She knew her great and cosmic love,

Though set as stone, and as bright as dawn,

Could not now change, that Gar was gone.

And that was when her eyes and neck,

With vicious glare and jaw, hard set,

Upon Perla set their view,

And said, with ‘viction, “I’ll kill you!”

 Emotions, in the moment, spent,

Princess sisters’ instincts went,

To their primal, venal state,

Each one feeling, horrible hate,

Directed, fully, at the one,

The other loved, excepting none.

And had their father or their mother,

Seen them there, so hating, each other,

No lock, no box, no cage, no chain,

Could have contained, their parents shame.

And so the sisters locked and bent,

In frenzied fight, nails dug, hair rent,

Fully blaming, each other’s lover,

For the sadness of the other,

Until exhausted, both king’s daughters,

Passed out choking underwater.

And sinking lifeless, limp and hung,

Bubbles of air, left Poepi’s lungs.

Floating up, and up, and up,

Swirling and whirling, pushed and cupped,

By the current, buoyant and slow,

Into daylight’s filtered glow.

And at the surface, all spires and steeples,

Buildings and trees, castles and peoples,

Were totally sunk, everyone,

Down to the depths, out of the sun.

Yet as the island, was swallowed by sea,

An army approached, heroically,

With thousands of tails, and diving scales,

Faster than rays, racing past whales,

Swimming  to shame the drowning city,

With rescuing hands, concern, and pity.

And into each dwelling, and home, they went,

Fishing for anything, living or spent,

Or signs of strife, or swirls of struggle,

And found the trail, of Poepi’s bubbles.