Chapter 51

Final Words

Poepi awoke, with a lurch,

Her vision foggy, her stomach hurt,

And as her sight and sound resumed,

She saw a beach, with thousands strewn,

Along its shore, side by side,

Living by living, dead by died.

With reeling head, collecting wit,

She bent half over, coughing spit,

Falling backward to the sand,

And saw then, in her either hand,

A tight clenched gem stone, and a bangle,

With a whistle, gripped and strangled.

And as she stared out, past her reach,

Two faces saw her, on the beach.

“Poepilandia! Poepi Poupons!

You’re alive! Against all odds!

Three days now, we’ve searched this shore,

And found no trace, but hoped, for more.

Come with us quickly! For one you’d see,

Lies dying dire, not long to be.

The mermaid’s skill cannot postpone,

What must happen on its own,

And life hangs thin, by fraying thread,

Fighting to see you, before it is fled.”

And next, the two elves, Willow and Birch,

Looked into her eyes, and therein searched,

For the girl, and woman, they’d known,

Before this adventure, before she’d grown.

They knelt down gently, and helped her stand,

Giving her water, and holding her hand.

Then leading Poepi, staring, gawking,

The three passed hundreds, quickly walking,

Through rows of shaded, shelters and tents,

Amid a camp of armaments.

And there one tent they straight approached,

And to its guards, whispered and coached,

Until they let her slip inside,

To meet one who, did there reside.

Once therein, she peered through din,

Where more laid bodies, quiet and thin,

Softly let out moans and cries,

From failing throats and sunken eyes.

Beyond the many rows of beds,

Black, and blue, and white, and red,

She saw a cot, effaced to sea,

Where opened flaps, permitted breeze.

It held a body, limply laid,

Chest slow rising, limbs wide splayed.

Poepi approached, unsure what to say,

Trying to keep her emotions at bay.

For she was sure, she knew this man,

Though his face, was scarred and bland.

“Poepilandia!” he roughly rasped,

And fearforic, Poepi gasped,

“Kamal Kamock! You’re still alive!”

Dropping down, against his side.

“Poepi” he whispered “Poepi I see,

That my last wish has come to be!

Come lay here, and view the sea,

And let us talk, just you and me.”

Coughing quiet, Gar forced a smile,

And held her hand, and stared awhile,

At the ocean, surf suds crashing,

Preparing for his time of passing.

At last, in pained breath, Gar slow said,

“In not much longer, I’ll be dead.

You’re sister’s spear, has wounded deep,

Its barbs and poisons, gladly keep,

Driving down, throughout my chest,

Nearing my heart, not letting me rest.

Waiting here for death to pass,

I have fought it, ‘til at last,

They brought you here, to say good bye.

I am ready now to die,

And knowing the Giant is defeated,

And that his evil will is cheated,

Makes my death seem less unkind,

Except for leaving you behind.”

He coughed again and then he sighed,

As Poepi, still down by his side,

Put her hand upon his head,

And lay the other on his bed.

Tears of anger, love, and rage,

Soaked the sheets where close she laid.

“I have not seen my sister since,

The flooding waters, took us hence,

And the mermaids saved us all,

From drowning with the island’s fall.”

“Forgive her Poepi” Gar’s voice wheezed,

“Perlameen was… if you please,

Taken prisoner, by Bar’s spell,

Her love for him a part as well.

It was for her the same to do,

For her with him as me for you.

For Bar and I are both to blame,

And I will die, deep with shame,

Of causing you to leave your nest,

And carry out my vengeful quest.”

He coughed once more, with bloody ringor,

And then to pillow fell to linger.

“I share now Poepi, the fate of my brother,

And of my father, and of my mother.

I dare not hope it be not ill.

Farewell, Poepilandia. Farewell…..Farewell…”

And with those last goodbyes of breath,

Bar Kamal Kamock passed to death.

Copyright 2013. PATG LLC. All rights reserved.