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Chapter 6

Acts of Kindness

For three full days, and three full nights,

The two men lay in under-tights,

Their armor gone, asleep in bed,

While faerie magic healed their wounds,

While pixies washed them, toe to head.

Seeing them there, the two girls swooned,

Their hearts fast beat, their calf eyes mooned,

As strings of love within them tuned,

Upon the brother twins they roomed.

Each had a face so like and same,

That even the great faerie dame,

When she looked, brother to brother,

Could not tell one from the other.

The only way to tell, if ever,

Was a scar beneath the tether,

Where falcon’s talons, gripping leather,

Had pierced one’s skin in freezing weather.

Bright on the fifth morning of day,

Skin scarred patient awoke to say,

Thin he felt, and washed away,

And asked where his belongings lay.

Five fond faeries fed him meat,

Two little pixies served him wheat,

Girls sat shy, and watched him eat,

Fiddling fingers and rubbing feet.

He ate and ate and ate and ate,

Of every crumb off every plate,

Until, on tenth night, stuffed and sate,

He rose up to perambulate.

When in bed next to his own,

He found his brother slept alone,

He quick and secret cast a spell,

Chanting, chanting, words unwell,

To keep his brother sleeping fine,

And hide what lies his tongue may tell.

Then man left and went to greet,

The others who had kept his keep.

Into the parlor the young man stalked,

His name was Bar Kamal-Kamock,

And sitting there, tea drinking green,

Were Blacksmith, girls, and Faerie Queen.

Girls’ shoulder pixies sat there too,

And smiled at him, all fresh and new.

The Queen said “Bar you’re looking fit.

Your cuts are healed, your bones are knit,

And now we’re thinking what to do,

With your brother and with you.

Come sit with us and tell us please,

Just how you came to grace our trees?